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The 2 Stars and a Wish strategy is multi-dimensional. On one level it is a tool to gauge students’ level of involvement in the task and on a second level it provides feedback for improvement. However, there are many other elements to this strategy. For example: It is versatile and can be used across the curriculum.

2 stars and a wish

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Two stars and a wish - Språkutvecklande arbetssätt. Jag besökte Henrik som hade svenska i en av femmorna. Henrik berättade att de arbetat en del med formativ bedömning och eleverna fick förklara vad det begreppet innebar. Efter det så berättade eleverna att de tidigare fått läsa en beskrivande text som de sedan skulle avsluta. Two stars and a wish.

“2 Stars and a Wish” – Feedback Stamp Quick and easy way to show your students the positives in their work and 1 thing for them to work towards. You could even use this as self or peer evaluation.

Använd metoden 2 stars and a wish för att ge återkoppling till din kollega. I denna matris kan man minst få 2 stars och minst 1 wish. Det är ingen progression i de 12 stjärnorna. Bricka.

2 stars and a wish

Two Stars and a Wish Worksheet. A worksheet for children to reflect and record what they like about their work and how they can improve. Free Download. Home › Teaching Resources › Free Teacher Resources › Two Stars and a Wish Worksheet. Ideal to use as a reflection worksheet in the classroom.

2 stars and a wish

Two stars: Stars are things I've done well or enjoyed etc, and a wish is something I want to achieve by next week. ⭐️ 1. I've continued looking for jobs/work experience - (I may not have found anything, but I was in such a positive mood thinking about my future).

two  30 Jul 2014 The students reflect on their learning by writing two things that they have learned (stars) and one thing that they would like to know/be able to do (  18 Mar 2013 Tag Archives: 2 stars and a wish.
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Kanske ska börja med 2 stars and a wish på ridlektioner.

”Vad du  När det kommer till föräldrasamarbete är det inte så svårt. Det finns en enkel modell som fungerar bra i de flesta situationer och den kallas Two stars and a wish.
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I denna matris kan man minst få 2 stars och minst 1 wish. Det är ingen progression i de 12 stjärnorna. Bricka. Star. Star. My Wish. Planering. Idé. Bra förarbete 

I love this linky idea Luckeyfrog's Lilypad came up with! We also use 2 stars & a wish to give feedback in our classroom.

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Use the :label: or the :mic: and write Two Stars - two place value ideas you worked on today and A wish - one thing about place value you still want to learn or understand.

Early Childhood and Care for growing children! Two Stars and a Wish — VII "Two stars and a wish" is a peer-to-peer assessment where the student writes down two positive things (stars) and one thing where there is room for improvement (a wish).I hand this out during student presentations and ask my pupils to fill one out for each of their clas.

Vi ska använda oss av 'Two Star & a Wish!'. 20140225-215836.jpg. Vi ser många olika problemlösningsuppgifter, många är riktigt kluriga, några 

A Strategy for Peer Assessment. This peer assessment is particularly useful for the writing process. Students are paired and asked to read   2.

Metoder. 4. Resonemang. 5. Uttrycksformer. Hur: Väljer ut ett par förmågor per Feedback: Two stars and a wish.